Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rock Wren in the Otira

I have recieved these great reports about rock wren sightings in the Otira Valley. As one of our only alpine highways this is definitely one of the best places to view Tuke. It is also a place where there is talk of doing more to protect and understand them.

In fact it is more than talk, the Arthurs Pass Community Centre protecting Raroa in the Bealey and surrounds no doubt aids the rock wren as does the trapping and 1080 programmes down the Otira. Soon stoat traps may be moving up the Otira to again secure this valley for Whio, Raroa and Tuke!

James, reliable report from Robin Delamere, ex-DOC of 6 rock wren in Upper Otira Valley map reference 898110, 11.30 am, 9/1/2010, fine cool weather. Appeared to be pair with 4 immature young ones. Cheers.

Hi Jamie, attached are two images (adult) I took this afternoon of Rock Wren in the upper Otira Valley. These are part of a family of 6 (2A 4J) found on that "island" section of moraine just above the "boulder garden" - as streams run both sides they might of created their own predator free paradise. Their nest is under some large rocks in the centre of their territory (they were circling it about 10m radius), they have used chamois hair taken from a decaying carcass about 400m higher up. I delivered them a Weka (road kill) and placed it high on the cliff above them in a predator free area with 360º clear view around - one of the Juv's followed me up there - be interesting to see if they use it.

There is another pair (no Juvs seen) in that area of scrub/rock opposite the scree that runs off Philistine Bluff (about 400m downstream of bridge), they seem to be on the true-right (but that just might be their curiosity of me).